You have given it some thought and you have finally settled on the subject of your podcast. Now it’s time to name it.

This sounds simple, but again, there are  some considerations to be made, like how it will tie the following…

  • website domain name
  • twitter handle
  • facebook page
  • g+
  • <insert other platforms that allow custom name>

If you can get a name that can be associated with the above – great! It makes it easier for you to brand the show. is a good resource for shows and podcast advice. The domain name may be getting a bit long, but it is easy to remember. Keep that in mind, the length of the title could effect your efforts to tie it into a web domain name. The domain name is your web address. Some would argue that longer domain names are not a big deal like they used to be. Nonetheless, keep it in mind as you do searches through domain registrars. Don’t be afraid to consider <subject matter> Podcast

LBS is not known as litter_studio, or LB_Studio on twitter. It’s @litterboxstudio. Sure, we could have went with LBStudio if we had to, but the consistency is nice. Think of how your show may be referenced on t-shirts, print material, websites, etc. You may not go crazy with the marketing at first, but down the road you’ll wish you had some forethought into this.

The name of your podcast should also say something about your show. The XYZ Show may be cool, trendy, maybe even known because it ties to a pop culture reference, but some people won’t know what it means. You’d be surprised at how easy it would be for someone to find your show about quilting if the title of your show is The Quilting Podcast! Some will even argue that the simpler and elementary you show’s name is the better.

If you know your audience will understand the creativeness in your name, then super! One example of ‘getting creative’ is The Talking Dead  a fan podcast about the The Walking Dead television show.  Get it? The Talking Dead?

Keep in mind, you will be able to have a subtitle that will better define your show. Example:

Talent Jockey Podcast
A show providing insight into the world of talent acquisition

Kind of catchy. The host can put that title upon him or herself. I’m your talent jockey, Jane Doe!

It’s list time. Start writing down different iterations of your show’s name. Incorporate the subject matter and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Once you have the name, narrow it down to a few. Then it’s will be time to get the web address, or domain name!

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