You have a list of names for your show. Now it’s time to find your domain name. Head over to a domain registrar of your choosing. Many web hosting companies offer domain registration. We have used Hover as well as Google. We went with Google because it offers free email forwards.

Head over to your registrar of choice and start the search. You are looking for combinations of your show’s name within the top level domains – .com, .net… You may decide on your show’s name as you do searches for an available domain name. You don’t want it to be too long, and you certainly want it to be easy to remember. One of our shows, may have included some of the following names in our search…

  • GamingandBS
  • BSandGaming <- be careful, this could be mistaken for B Sand Gaming
  • BSRPGpodcast
  • RPGandBS

As we do this, we also check Twitter to see if we can get the same name on that platform.

Once you find the domain name that best matches your show, or desire, it’s as easy to purchase as an item on Add it to your cart, create an account and enter payment info. You will need to reserve it for a year. Some registrars will give you a bit of a discount if you buy more then one and if you purchase it for longer than a year.

Congratulations! You now have your very own domain name. Next, web hosting!


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