Podcasting is a great way to spread your message. The approach is pretty simple. Consider a topic, get a mic, hit record and upload it to the Internet. But there’s so many more details.

  • domain name
  • web host
  • audio file/mp3 hosting
  • gear and equipment
  • sound quality
  • software
  • marketing via
    • social media
    • online/print ads
    • patreon
    • email
    • contests
  • listener engagement/community
  • album art/logo
  • podcast directories
    • itunes
    • google play music
    • stitcher
    • etc
  • workflow
  • analytics
  • audio – bumpers, intros and outros

The above doesn’t encompass everything, but the list is certainly a starting point to achieving a well-produced podcast. To someone that simply wants to hit record and convey their message, it can be a  bit overwhelming. Litter Box Studio is not only setup to showcase the shows I produce, but to help others with theirs.

There are plenty of resources for an aspiring podcaster. There will be opinions. Here at LitterBoxStudio.com we will outline how we do our shows and why. We want you to learn from your mistakes!

My name is Sean Kelley and Litter Box Studio is my podcast production venture. I have produced 3 shows, each with varying degrees of success. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, with my wife, dog and three cats.