DG Unsanctioned

dg unsanctioned album art

Podcast: https://anchor.fm/dg-unsanctioned

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H4FnGrrGbo&list=PLjzDW-FxA6k6oO9FbdREujogKfxkeVc68

DG Unsanctioned is a recorded actual play of the Delta Green role-playing game’s campaign Impossible Landscapes.

Delta Green, published by Arc Dream Publishing in 2018, takes place in the modern day circa 1950 to present where the players portray characters of a special program called Delta Green. The program may or may not be officially in place by the US government depending on the timeline, and is put into place to protect humanity from the horrors originally created in HP Lovecraft’s popular Cthulhu mythos. They are also tasked with continuing with the conspiracy as well as doing whatever it takes to cover it up. Ultimately this work takes its toll on the player characters psyche, ruining personal relationships and being consumed by this heavy burden. This campaign begins in 1995 New York City and spans 20 years. The actual printed book is thicker than the game’s Agent Handbook.

The characters include:

  • Agent Mantillo, played by Edwin
  • Agent Maya, played by Harrigan
  • Agent Mignon/Jerry Gladstone, played by Lou
  • Agent Mailman, played by Craig
  • Agent Moseby, played by Phil

The episodes are 2 – 3 hours in length, currently in production, at time of this writeup – 12 sessions.

Medium: Youtube video, recorded and live stream

Players are located throughout North America, spanning 3 time zones. We use VDONinja for audio/video, recorded via OBS, Foundry for VTT. Audio is ultimately extracted, engineered, mastered and re-attached to the video for uploading to Youtube. Audio provided via podcast host.