The Next HEX

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The Next Hex is a recorded actual play of the Forbidden Lands role-playing game.

Forbidden Lands, published by Free League Publishing in 2018, is a sandbox fantasy survival tabletop rpg. This campaign is set in the default setting of Ravenland a few years after the rise of the dreaded blood mist. A mist that rose from the ground in the evening. Anyone entering the blood mist would disappear and perish.

The characters include:

  • Askelon the Elf, played by Wayne
  • Garm the Orc, played by Kevin
  • Conn the Human, played by Phil
  • and Stas the Human, played by Sean
  • Harrigan as game master

The players are rogues and raiders out to strike it rich in the frozen north of The Bitter Reach.

The episodes are 2 – 3 hours in length, 15 episodes total.

Medium: Youtube video, recorded and live stream

Players are located throughout North America, spanning 3 time zones. We use Zoom for video conferencing as well as separate audio tracks, OBS for scene switching and presentation, Foundry for VTT. Audio is ultimately extracted and uploaded to patrons and to podcast host for dissemination to listeners.