If you have ever sat down with two of your friends to talk about all the different facets of tabletop role-playing games, then you will find Gaming and BS to be a welcome listen.

Brett and Sean (BS) are the hosts that don’t take themselves too seriously, but is far from a slap fest of fart jokes. Their chemistry has not gone unnoticed by the listenership, often having their friendship akin to something you’d see in a buddy cop movie.

Show Format

The format of Gaming and BS was very intentional. Be entertaining, don’t be overly academic, foster a sense of community. Episodes started off with personal banter about the hosts, transitioning into Random Encounter.

Random Encounter

fielding emails, voicemails and comments from social media. Random Encounter became the secret sauce of the show as it not only involved the community, but it also turned feedback on episodes into dialog between listeners, affectionately known as BSers. From Random Encounter the show enters the Main Topic.

Main Topic

Whether it was covering the mechanics of a specific game or particular rpg genre, the Main Topic segment got players and game masters to consider a different perspective.

Die Roll

2d4 Miscellaneous points of gaming or geekery they want to bring to you. The shortest of the segments Brett and Sean would bring articles, rpg Kickstarters, products that fans of the show were producing, tools, resources and much more.

That’s A Wrap

While the final episode was released on June 27th, 2022, the catalog contains over 400 episodes, spanning over 7 years, of rpg topics that are still accessible via your favorite podcatcher of choice.

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